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Mobile IV Therapy To The Rescue

Knock, Knock.. IV hydration therapy, treatment for dehydration to the rescue. If you've never heard of it listen very carefully.

"IV hydration therapy is no longer just a quick hangover treatment. Today patients utilize IV hydration therapy for migraines, skin rejuvenation, athletic rehabilitation & recovery, youth renewal and weight reduction," says DR. BASiL Z KHALAF, M.D. founder of The Medikal Group.

We welcome Oasis Drip , a partner wellness provider in The Medikal Group. Oasis Hydration is a full-service mobile IV therapy partner that promotes health and wellness by restoring the body’s natural balance.


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  • Client Consultation

  • Choose Your Infusion

  • Enjoy Your Drip


  • Specialty IV Drips: Remedy Drip, Boosts immune function, Promotes healing/cell repair, Shortens illness recovery time.

  • Fit Drip: Promotes endurance, Enhances muscle recovery, Maximizes athletic performance.

  • Skinny Drip: Promotes fat burning, Increases metabolism, Regulates appetite.

  • Party Drip: Alleviates discomfort from hangover symptoms, Detoxifies liver, Provides instant re-hydration.

  • Beauty Drip: Generates healthy skin glow, Strengthens hair/nails, Stimulates cell repair.

  • Libido Drip - Ignites sex drive, Increases sexual stamina, Boosts testosterone levels.

  • Energy Drip - Boosts energy, Enhances mental clarity, Increases metabolism.

  • Detox Cleansing Drip: Removes harmful toxins, Enhances overall well-being, Reduces inflammation at the cellular level.

  • Brain Focus Drip: Fights "brain fog", Enhances mental clarity and sharpness, Improves memory and concentration.

  • Women's Drip: Reduces cramps and discomfort, Regulates hormone balance, Improves mood and energy.

Find-out about the basic principals of IV Infusion Therapy. Feel energetic and fabulous again. Call us at: 832.390.2648


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