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Medical Concierge Real Time

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

I don't know about you, medical concierge as an alternative to long wait times at your general practitioner, sign me up! A medical concierge service that will allow a physician to be at my door in a 24 hour period of time, is that even possible. Some appointments are a week out ordinarily -- seeing a physician now, on the spot, is close to impossible. If your like me, and your not well, feeling ill; you need to be seen now!

DR. BASiL Z KHALAF, M.D. , CEO and founder of The MEDiKAL Group, discusses the future of personalized patient concierge medical services.

"I believe in the "getting treatment now" philosophy. Building a network of medical providers that are highly regarded in their specialty fields makes up the core of my new venture. The MEDiKAL Group offers clinical care to people who need medical care now. Patients should be comfortable and relaxed when seen by their physician. What better way then to have a physician come to them." Dr. Khalaf's , The MEDiKAL Group, helps patients, businesses & executives at large companies manage their health and give clients access to premiere health solutions 24/7.

A feature of concierge medicine, telemedicine is designed to diagnose and treat patients remotely—without the physical presence of a health care provider needed. Instead, patients and providers exchange information in real time through online video chats, emails and phone calls. In its most advanced form, telemedicine allows doctors to monitor their patients’ health and vitals remotely, using technology. *

* John Bowen, Contributor Serial entrepreneur and host of the Accelerating Entrepreneurial Success podcast https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/tech-enabled-health-care-for-the-time-crunched-entrepreneur_us_58b09612e4b02f3f81e4470b





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